4-3 Credit Conversion Information

Lake Erie College is moving forward with a three-credit hour conversion plan for undergraduate courses (graduate courses are unchanged) to take effect fall 2016.  In tandem with the 4-3 conversion process is a complete revision of our general education curriculum, which is the very core of who we are as a liberal arts institution.

Prior to this change, over 70 percent of our courses were offered at four credits, and as a result, many of those courses – compared to most institutions – required more contact time on the part of the instructor, higher amount of out-of-class work on the part of the student. With this change, over 90 percent of our courses should be at no more than three credit hours; those remaining at four credits have undergone a thorough review to include comparisons to industry norm and pedagogical rationale.

Highlights of the conversion include:

  • A more consistent and fair transfer of courses from other institutions into Lake Erie College (we had previously accepted three-credit courses for many of our four-credit courses);
  • More traditional class beginning and end times;
  • A dramatic change in our general education program courses and categories to reflect our commitment to a broad and diverse academic experience;
  • More opportunities for students to add minors or explore double majors;
  • Possible reduced time to degree completion;
  • A more immersed academic experience with an enhanced array of courses a student can take during a semester;

As the transition continues, we may encounter circumstances not specifically addressed in this document; however, our advisors will navigate the more complicated matters on a personalized case-by-case basis, and in the student-friendly manner for which Lake Erie College is known.

4-3 Credit Conversion Overview and FAQ's

For general questions, please contact our academic advisor, Cindy Mako-Robinson, at cmakorobinson@lec.edu.