Goal Statement 2: Strengthen Campus Culture

Objectives & Action Steps

    1. Foster a campus culture committed to social responsibility, respect and collaboration that encourage innovation and vitality.
      1. Strengthen programs and opportunities for students to develop into active citizens.
      2. Develop a coordinated approach and structure to expand and facilitate community outreach and partnership efforts that create meaningful learning opportunities for our students.
      3. Develop an integrated campaign to promote the identified institutional values and adopted civility statements both internally and externally.
      4. Become more environmentally responsible as an institution.
      5. Assess campus culture perception.
    2. Develop and communicate an identity that promotes the traditions, values, and vision of the college and is clear to the internal and the external community.
      1. Clarify and articulate a shared understanding of the role and value of the liberal arts at Lake Erie College in the twenty-first century.
      2. Improve ties between curriculum and career development and other experiential components to enhance student marketability, build community, enhance student learning and cultivate leadership.
    3. Promote a culture that recognizes excellent customer service.
      1. Provide improved communication across campus divisions and departments.
      2. Implement a recognition program that rewards and encourages individual and departmental performance that promotes service excellence.
      3. Establish a training program that will enhance the customer service experience for all stakeholders.
    4. Strengthen and reinforce a culture of transparency and accountability.
      1. Create a culture of evidence and data-driven decision-making to ensure continuous quality improvement of programs and services.
      2. Increase campus knowledge of LEC programs, services, and campus processes and procedures.
      3. Further implement the Professional Development Plan and Overarching Development Plan processes found within the Procedure for Institutional Strategic Planning, Deployment and Effectiveness guide.