Goal Statement 1: Achieve Program Excellence & Innovation.

Objectives & Action Steps

  1. Ensure high quality, assess viability and provide necessary resources of existing programs to meet stakeholder needs and demands in a global market.
    1. Determine most viable programs and student profiles.
    2. Strengthen Academic Program Review by determining specific review cycle for each program utilizing initial indicators of enhance, maintain, and revisit.
    3. Define, develop and achieve faculty/staff of sufficient size and skillsets to enhance the strength, vitality and agility of the institution and meet external requirements while considering resource availability.
    4. Review and revise general education requirements to represent experiences that are relevant, reflect twenty-first century skills, and provide opportunity to support the college mission, vision and values.
    5. Strengthen outcomes assessment plan and infrastructure necessary to support continuous quality improvement and student learning outcomes within available resources.
    6. Review and revise current academic retention/engagement programming to more effectively integrate these programs into both academic and recruitment activities to support the college mission, vision and values.
  2. Develop high quality new programs that meet stakeholder needs and demands in a global market based on appropriate assessment, research and funding allocation.
    1. Conduct comprehensive external market research and viability studies necessary to identify and consider programs across the spectrum of our mission with a particular focus in the area of healthcare.
    2. Strengthen professional career development programming through addition of post-baccalaureate and certificate programs to assist transitional students.
  3. Enhance efficiency and effectiveness of program delivery for all programs.
    1. Develop policy, practice and procedure that encourage efficiency and higher rates of educational goal completion.
    2. Develop programming that demonstrate relevance between what students are learning/experiencing and market needs, and enables students to effectively identify and articulate such connections.
    3. Utilize technology to enhance learning.
    4. Identify and implement methods to support faculty and staff development designed to improve quality of programs.