In keeping with the student-centered, service-oriented culture of Lake Erie College, our Academic Services programs maintain the individualized philosophy of education which is our hallmark. Programs such as Learning Communities and the Honors Program offer our students a rich mixture of community-based co-curricular experiences to complement their coursework and to broaden and deepen their understanding and appreciation of their academic discipline. Services such as the Academic Learning Center offer support tailored to each student in order to develop each one’s unique learning style as well as to enhance each one’s ability to succeed academically. Our friendly and approachable staff in our academic services areas are committed to an individualized approach to student success.


Bryan DePoy, DM At Lake Erie College, we offer a unique, individualized approach to education that sets us apart from other colleges and universities. We emphasize a breadth of academic experiences that provide our students with skills that will never become irrelevant, to include creative and entrepreneurial thinking, problem solving from a variety of perspectives, and strong communication skills. These critical attributes, which are woven into all of our degree programs, are valuable and applicable to any profession or career. In addition, students with a Lake Erie College degree will have unique access to real-world opportunities to include internships and collaborating with outstanding faculty who are experts in their academic disciplines. While no one can definitively say what the future holds, our focus on educating the “whole” student provides a platform of success that responds to the needs of an increasingly complex and unpredictable society. Be exceptional with us!

Dr. Bryan Depoy
Vice President for Academic Affairs
Chief Academic Officer
Office phone: 440.375.7028

Click here to listen to Dr. Bryan DePoy and Dr. Mark Bell perform Te Deum by Marc-Antoine Charpentier on the Skinner organ in Morley Music Hall on Lake Erie College's campus. Recorded April 2016.