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Online Learning Identity Verification

All students receive a unique login and password for Lake Erie Online (LEO) once they are accepted into their academic program. Once they receive these they are required to enroll in the password portal and change their password in a set amount of time. They then use this to access their online course(s) via LEO. Once enrolled and engaged in any online course adherence to academic honesty by all online students is expected as listed in all Lake Erie College school catalogs. Online course faculty utilize a combination of collaboration, group work, personalized assignments, discussions, online class meetings (i.e. SKYPE), virtual office hours and various communication methods between students and faculty. All of these provide cumulative opportunities for faculty to get to know their students, their work, their academic prowess, tendencies and style of expression.

LEO Professional Development Workshops:

September 2017: Introduction to LEO

November 2017: Creating Assignments