LEC launches new Synergy Grants program


Thanks to a new grant initiative known as Synergy Grants, students at Lake Erie College can now pursue funding for collaborative research projects.

In the program, students from any major can collaborate with their peers and professors to develop creative, interdisciplinary projects tackling varying academic inquiries. Up to three Synergy grants of $500 will be awarded each academic year.

As defined by The Oxford Dictionary, synergy is “the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”

Dr. Bryan DePoy, vice president for academic affairs and chief academic officer, lists the following requirements for a Synergy grant:

  • Applicants must be in good academic standing with Lake Erie College.

  • Applicants must be at least at sophomore class level, although special consideration will be given for expectations on case-to-case bases.

  • Awards will be given to collaborative projects involving two or more students that represent at least two academic areas across the College’s five schools (arts, humanities and social sciences; business; education; equestrian studies; and natural sciences and mathematics).

  • Collaborations must include at least two or more faculty members from differing schools.

  • Applications must be completed and submitted to the Office of Academic Affairs by April 1, 2017.

“A Synergy grant will nurture many of the skills valued by prospective employers as well as internship sites,” said Dr. DePoy. “In addition, the receipt of a Synergy grant will significantly enhance students’ resumes and may assist efforts in pursuing graduate program options.”

Grant recipients will be selected by a review committee. The committee will review each application and submit its recommendations to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for funding consideration. Students must provide an itemized budget of expenses and material related to the completion of the project in order to be considered.

Recipients of the Synergy grants will be required to attend an informational meeting during which reporting expectations and sharing of results will be discussed. Progress reports will be due to the faculty advisor(s) by the midpoint of the grant timeline. A final report of the project including suitable documentation must be submitted to the Vice President for Academic Affairs or designee within two months of completing the project. Projects must be completed by the date specified on the cover sheet. Dissemination will take place at an appropriately scheduled event, and awardees may be asked to make presentations to current or prospective students, and agree to have the results shared by the institution via digital and print means.

The Synergy grant program is intended to hone problem-solving skills and assist with the growth of self-confidence, independence of work and thought, and a sense of personal accomplishment by engaging in research. The grant program gives students the opportunity to interact more closely with Lake Erie College faculty and be guided by them in ways not possible inside the college environment.

For more information about Synergy Grants and an application form, visit https://www.lec.edu/sponsored-grants. Students may contact the dean of their school or Dr. DePoy directly with any questions. Applications are due to the Office of Academic Affairs by April 1, 2017.


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