Early Acceptance Opportunity


  • LEC PA Program will hold up to a maximum of 4 seats for qualified LEC undergraduate students.
    • The four spots are initially reserved for qualified applicants during the student’s freshman year.
    • If not all seats are filled or a reserved seat is vacated, students in further years of education have the opportunity to apply. All expectations remain the same.
  • Student writes a letter of interest to the Dean of Natural Sciences and Mathematics (NSM) and their Academic Advisor that includes the anticipated undergraduate graduation date and entry year into the PA Program.
  • The NSM Dean and Academic Advisor will review the letter and potentially discuss the candidate to be sure that the candidate is qualified for the EAO.
  • If the candidate is qualified, the letter of interest will be forwarded on to the PA Program Admissions Coordinator for review.
  • All letters will be due by May 1st of the undergraduate student’s freshman year.
  • After the letter is reviewed:
    • The candidate will receive an email with the list of qualifications and standards for the EAO.
    • The student will be scheduled for an EAO interview in the Fall of their sophomore year.
    • The student, the Academic Adviser, and the Dean will be notified of the student’s EAO status by the PA Program Admissions Coordinator.
  • If accepted into the EAO, students will need to also comply with the following:
    • PA Department review in person in the Fall student’s Junior year.
    • Will need to submit an official CASPA application in accordance with the requirements and deadlines for matriculation.
    • Successfully complete the formal interview during Senior year to gain entry.
    • Students must have an updated EAO Academic Progress Form filled out and signed by their Academic Advisor before all meetings or interviews with the PA department.


  • Maintain a minimum 3.5 cumulative GPA.
  • Maintain a “B” or better in all prerequisite classes (except O Chem)
  • Maintain a “C” or better in Organic Chemistry
  • If the student receives a below standard grade for a course, that course may be repeated once for a better grade.
  • No course shall be repeated more than once and no more than one course can be repeated for a better grade.
  • As an undergraduate, the student must work in the healthcare field for a minimum of 750 hours and shadow a Physician Assistant for a minimum of 100 hours (undergraduate career total by the time of matriculation).
  • Student must maintain the utmost standards of personal and professional conduct to maintain acceptance. Any violation of this should be immediately reported to the Admissions Coordinator and may result in dismissal from the EAO.
  • The student will need to participate in at least two PA department events yearly, such as lunch and learns and/or PA student organization events upon acceptance.
  • The student must meet with the PA Program Admissions Coordinator in the fall of their junior year with supporting documents stating that they are meeting ongoing requirements.
  • If a student fails to maintain standards of acceptance, they may still apply through CASPA and a conventional application pathway.

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