Planning Process

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Effective fall 2017, the College is currently undergoing a Strategic Planning Process and this information largely connects to the previous plan.

Procedure for Institutional Strategic Planning, Deployment and Effectiveness

Lake Erie College uses the Procedure for Institutional Strategic Planning, Deployment and Effectiveness guide to provide a structured approach to planning. A Presidents retreat occurs in June of each year. At the retreat, the cabinet review progress made on all planning processes, including the Strategic Plan, VP Overarching Development Plans (ODP), AQIP Action Projects and quality improvement updates (System Portfolio process). Institutional priorities for the next fiscal year are determined by the review process.

Overarching Development Plan (ODP) - Plans developed and used by Senior Administration and each Division/Department to determine its course of action (action items/steps) that will include:
  • Goals, objectives and action items
  • Progress measures or evidence
  • Supporting objectives (who, what, priority, when) for each Key Result Area of the College, written and distributed to each major area.
Overarching Development Plans (ODP) 2011-2012

Strategic Plan: Pathway To Excellence

To set the direction for Lake Erie College's pathway to excellence, President Michael T. Victor charged a special committee with developing and introducing the Strategic Plan . In May 2014 it was presented and approved by the Board of Directors. It defines the course for further development of the college and will guide it through the actions aimed at improvement of its environment. Our Strategic Plan will be advanced through the realization of three specific goals identified as paramount to achieving our mission. These goals were developed as a result of a comprehensive evaluation of our shared values, vision and mission. An internal and external Environmental Scan was conducted to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the College while also discovering opportunities and challenges that impact our competitive position.

Process and Timeline

Goal Statement 1: Achieve Program Excellence & Innovation.

Deliver high quality academic programs that meet stakeholder needs and demands in a global market and achieve effective and efficient program delivery.

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Goal Statement 2: Strengthen Campus Culture.

Develop a campus culture of social responsibility, respect and accountability while recognizing alignment with institutional priorities.

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Goal Statement 3: Optimize Resources.

Secure organizational sustainability and growth through increased revenue and the effective allocation and utilization of organizational fiscal, human and physical resources.

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