Living on Campus

When you live on campus, you have the opportunity to live in a community with other college students where you can learn from them and make lifelong friends. Lake Erie's residential community consists of four residence halls and two residential apartments within walking distance of the College, housing over 560 students.

Lake Erie College is committed to maintaining a residence hall environment that is conducive to learning and promotes the idea of individual and group well-being and enrichment. The College supports the idea of encouraging students to assume personal responsibility for actions, yet also realizes its obligation to provide guidelines to protect the rights of other members of the community.

This is particularly critical where living space is shared with others, whether a roommate or other hall resident. Therefore, the Lake Erie College residential policies have been designed to protect the health and welfare of the majority of students residing on campus.

Each residential area may further restrict the following regulations through Community Living Agreements that are created at the beginning of each semester.

Residential living demands that each resident assume certain group and individual responsibilities.

Each resident student is expected to:

  • attend and participate in residential meetings;
  • support activities;
  • show respect for the rights of other residents and staff members;
  • carry out assigned duties;
  • care for his/her own room/apartment and personal property as well as for the property of the College and others;
  • adhere to the Student Code of Conduct.