Institutional Scholarships

Lake Erie College Merit Scholarships 2016-2017

All incoming full-time undergraduate students will be considered for merit scholarship based upon their cumulative GPAs and ACT or SAT test scores. Please contact the Office of Admissions to learn more and to find out your merit scholarship amount.

Lake Erie College Merit Scholarships:

Lake Erie College Presidential Match GPA 3.75+ or GPA 3.5+ and ACT 25+/SAT 1150+ = $17,600
Presidential GPA 3.0+ and ACT 26+/SAT 1170+ = $15,000
Leadership GPA 3.0+ and ACT 22+/SAT 1020+ = $14,000
Deans GPA 2.75+ and ACT 19+/SAT 900+ = $12,000
Emerging GPA 2.5+ and ACT 18+/SAT 860+ = $10,000

Full-time Undergraduate First-year Student Scholarships

Transfer Scholars 3.5+ GPA = $14,000 per year
Transfer Scholars  3.0+ GPA = $12,000 per year
Transfer Scholars  2.75+ GPA+ =$10,000 per year
Transfer Scholars  2.5+GPA=$8,000 per year

For more information on transferring to Lake Erie College, go to

The Twins Scholarship

As evidence of Lake Erie College's responsiveness to the desires of our students, we offer the Lake Erie College Twins Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded at 50% for both students. In essence, both twins can attend Lake Erie College for the tuition of only one. If student is eligible for a Merit scholarship and Twins scholarship, the higher of the two scholarships will be awarded.