Service, Policy and Law Learning Community

The Service, Policy, and the Law Learning Community has a goal of providing students with a solid foundation of essential knowledge, experiences, and skills from which they may begin a professional career or continue on to pursue graduate studies in the social sciences, teaching or the legal field.

Programming in this community is diverse and cross-disciplinary, and spans the range from courses focusing on topics such as equine-assisted psychotherapy to social justice internships within the area's several court systems.

What students say:

"Being a part of the learning community has been a great honor. It allows you to have different hands on experiences in a small group to help you excel. Professor Sheptak keeps the classroom on the edge of their seats with different activities in every class allowing students to achieve their full potential."

"First I wanted to put in my few good words about the learning community. I'd say that it was a great class to one: make friends and two: learn outside of the box in a subject you are intrigued about and instead of sitting in rows reading from a book daily we got great hands on experiences and round table discussions to carry us through our life. I'm sure as the years go on all the learning communities will continue to grow and get more exciting and evolve into a great program."