Grants and Sponsored Projects

This page contains information regarding grants and sponsored project procedures and guidelines. For faculty or students who wish to embark upon a grant, or learn more information, please see the dean of your school.

Internal Grant Opportunities

Online Course Conversion Grants

These grants are designed to help Lake Erie College explore and expand online course offerings by providing financial assistance and support to faculty to convert traditional courses to an online format to be offered 100% via LEO in the future.

Online Course Conversion Grants

Sponsored Projects and Grants Procedures and Guidelines

Grant Early Notification Form 
Intellectual Property Policy
Sponsored Grants Budget Template 
Note regarding Facilities and Administration Costs (indirect cost recovery):  Lake Erie College policy distributes indirect costs to the General Fund, Academic Affairs, the PI’s primary school or area, or as agreed to by the cabinet level officials. 

Authorized Institutional Officials

The authorizing institutional officials generally assume responsibilities and institutional risk when entering into external funding agreement, and are authorized to act for the institution. In addition, the IOs assume responsibility for the compliance of federal, state and local laws, regulations, requirements and conditions that applies to a proposal and award.  As such, only designated positions have the authority to enter grant agreements and commit university resources toward an externally-funded project.

The President, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Vice President for Academic Affairs, or designees thereof, are charged with the responsibility to commit the University on proposal submissions, and acceptance of awards and contracts. The authorizing officials must also approve all negotiations and re-allocations of funds that occur after the original proposal has been submitted.

Only the President, Vice President of Finance and Administration, the Vice President of Academic Affairs are authorized to commit university funds regardless of funding source, to include funds and resources need for matching funds. Click here to contact the Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness.

Institutional Review Board

The Institutional Review Board is a committee established to review and approve research involving human subjects. Click here for more information.

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